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Photo credit: Karen Smith-Will, 2018

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Screenshot 20210409 105544How was the Morefield pegmatite discovered?

Prior to the 19th century, there is no incontrovertible evidence of the Morefield pegmatite being discovered. However, Fontaine (1883) indicates his belief that the Native Americans mined the nearby Rutherford pegmatite, providing the following personally-observed evidence (p. 331):

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One of our many interviews took place at the Smithsonian on July 18, 2018, with Mike Wise, Ph.D. I was very excited to hear what he would have to say about pegmatites.

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Sam Dunaway (current co-owner; scroll to "About the owners") mentioned one time, that he would love to see how many of the elements on the Periodic Table had been identified among the compositions of the various minerals located in Morefield mine.

Screenshot 20210409 105712It is not ours to know in advance whether we are born great, achieve greatness or have it thrust upon us. It is not ours to know in retrospect whether we died great, achieved greatness or embraced it when it was thrust upon us—because we as humans are intensely fickle in our choice of heroes and of our definitions of “great.”

20141115 160455The vision for this experience began in my children's elementary years--and continue to beyond that, as can be seen in this photo.

This is a selected bibliography of resources we've used during this project. We are always open to new resources that become available--just tell us about them, using Contact Us.

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This glossary is not meant to be inclusive; for that purpose, extensive Geology, Mineralogy and Mining glossaries exist. This is meant to explain some key words or phrases used by the authors, owners and characters referred to in the book.

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Ferne Hutchinson, the fireplace made of Morefield mine stone

David Packard, The Golden Beryl

John Pigg, an Amelia resident's memories of Morefield and Dunaways




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Screenshot 20210525 221654📽️ A dug-out section of the 45 ft level

📽️ A well-formed Amazonite crystal ➡️

📽️ Minerals in a replacement zone

📽️ Prepping to Mine

📽️ Rudy Bland, at the DMME

📽️ Smithsonian excavation area

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