2021, January 24 Valutivity LLC Launches

2018 Valutivity Press's The Long Lost Troll was nominated in the fiction category of the Library of Virginia 2018 Awards

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PXL 20240114 1407034732017, November 16 "Come meet Mechanicsville author Barry Scott on November 17th," Herald-Progress Hanover County, Virginia ➡️

2017, October 31 Introducing The Long Lost Troll

2011, September  Missing Link: Process for SB @ SCORE

2011, February 4 Valutivity Balances People & Process at Conference

2010, September 10 University of Richmond, "Karen Smith-Will, SCS'98, Featured in Richmond Times-Dispatch..."

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2010, September 6, "Area residents talk about job-market experiences," Richmond Times Dispatch

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2010, August 30, Qualtrics Features Valutivity's Gen-Y Research

2010, July 27, Abilene Christian U Highlights Smith-Will's Gen-Y Research


Ashton Will, one of the photographers for Valutivity LLC, was honored in the Mechanicsville Local, Vol. 27, No. 29, as “The Local Pick” for the November 17, 2010 issue. You may remember that his evocative photography was featured in the October blog item titled Thirst. The full text of that article is included here.