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Berrea Series - see the World of Berrea website. For author visits and book release events, see the Events page on World of Berrea.

ebookcoverBetty Sterling Book 1:
A Fine Basket of Fish
  by Barry Scott Will; cover art by Ashton Leigh Will
 ISBN 978-1-940919-00-3 (9781940919003); E-pub Purchase on for Nook
Kindle: ISBN 978-1-940919-01-0 (9781940919010); Mobi Purchase on for Kindle
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-940919-02-7 (9781940919027); Print Purchase on

Cover FacebookBetty Sterling Book 2:
The Long-Lost Troll
 by Barry Scott Will; illustrated by Ashton Leigh Will
Nook: TBD; E-pub Purchase on for Nook (TBD)
Kindle: TBD; Mobi Purchase on for Kindle
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-940919-06-5 (9781940919065); Print Purchase on or Barnes & Noble

Colors Series - see more about the author and his portfolio. For author visits and book release events, click Contact Us.  

Cover Volume 1 6x9Colors, Chapter 1 by Ashton Leigh Will; illustrated by Ashton Leigh Will         

Paperback: ISBN 978-1-940919-0#-# (awaiting Bowker maintenance). Limited print available directly from author.


Screenshot 20231229 154907Time to Look Up by Shannon Marie Iannitto; Edited by Karen Smith-Will. Published 12/29/2023

Paperback: ISBN 978-1940919089; Print Purchase on .

Morefield Mine: Its History, Its Mysteries & Rockhounding in Pegmatites by Karen Smith-Will

LINK to digital content 🆕 as of 3/28/2021

At some point, may be available in print on,, at Morefield Gem Mine, and other sources.

sftb smSinging's for the Birds by Karen Smith-Will
Workbook: ISBN 978-1-940919-03-4; Print.Available only through the course, available via
The Consulting Arts 

The Smith Family: Ancestors and Descendants of William & Mamie Smith by Karen Smith-Will
ISBN: 978-1-940919-04-1; Worldcat/OCLC: 191886891. Print and e-book. 
Available for purchase directly from us.


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