Valutivity and The Consulting Arts are excited to partner directly to publish works spawned in both environments, under the imprint Valutivity Press.

ebookcoverThe mission of Valutivity Press is to publish a strictly limited set of fiction and nonfiction that aligns with the focus and values of Valutivity and its sister companies. It provides editing, reviewing, consulting, ISBN administration and marketing services for its publications.

Valutivity Press' first publication, by author Barry Scott Will, is the novel A Fine Basket of Fish, which will be officially released in January 2014 to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Its main character, Betty Sterling, is a common thug with a chip on his shoulder--not surprising since his name is "Beatrice"--until he's hired to do the kind of job he's never done before. When Betty gets sent to help fishermen who aren't catching any fish, he'll reel in a lot more than he bargained for. Journey to a world rich with magic, not to mention elves, ogres, and trolls.

ValutivityleaftinySoft release details:   

Nook: ISBN 978-1-940919-00-3 (9781940919003) E-pub Purchase on for Nook
Kindle: ISBN 978-1-940919-01-0 (9781940919010) Mobi Purchase on for Kindle
Paperback: ISBN 978-1-940919-02-7 (9781940919027) Print

Upcoming books under consideration include works in the domains of the performing arts, visual arts, business--and of course more fiction.