Screenshot 20210409 105712It is not ours to know in advance whether we are born great, achieve greatness or have it thrust upon us. It is not ours to know in retrospect whether we died great, achieved greatness or embraced it when it was thrust upon us—because we as humans are intensely fickle in our choice of heroes and of our definitions of “great.”


Each of the people in this book—in significant decades-long ways, or in occasional blips in time—have been part of what makes Morefield mine a special place—a mysterious place. A place where people can be surprised and can be welcomed to enjoy some time immersed in God’s creation. A place where we can expand what we know about Earth and how we, as its inhabitants, engage our capacity to learn. And if we’re blessed, to return to that place, physically and in our thoughts, again and again.

In this way, every person in this book has achieved greatness.

Morefield Mine is dedicated to them.

⚒️ This section is currently under construction. Many new names are being added to these lists. 🚧


Silas Vester/Varner Morefield

Miriam Morefield

Deck R. Boyles

Warren “Bill” Diehl Baltzley

_______ Brown (source: scroll to "Summer 1985 flyer")

Joan Dameron Baltzley

Sam & Sharon Dunaway - sending photo below

20160308 145339


Lance Kearns, Ph.D., James Madison University

Betsy Martin, BA, Mineralogist

Maria Sokolov, MS

Mike Wise, Ph.D., Smithsonian Institution

Rockhounds & Miners

Rudy Bland - 📽️ video

Randall Brown

Roy Burroughs supported Morefield Gem Mine's marketing efforts through the video, "Feeding the Pigeons at Morefield Mine." "Pigeons" referred to the rockhounds eager to grab specimens from the fresh loads dumped from mine tailings.

Sarah Cosby

August "Andy" Dietz

Scott Duresky

Robert W. Geehan

Nancy Gibbs

Wayne Gilmore

Jewell Jeannette Glass

Karen Goodrich

Joe Hartsel

Ferne Osborne Hutchinson (her husband was Silas Morefield's nephew) - Fireplace 📽️ video

Paul Jones - Obituary

Thomas "Tom" Leavy

Walter Lemke

David & Jeff Lines

David Martin (in top photo, 2nd from left)

Pete McCrery

Arthur Pegau

___ Pough

Boyd Pullyard (in top photo, 1st from left)

Todd Pullyard

Stan Rudis

Niko Saka Gilmore (in top photo, 4th from left)

John Sinkakas

Ron Tucker

Bernie Wainwright

Perry Wells

Robert "Rip" Willis

Mark Wylie (In photo above, furthest on the right)

- Minerals in a replacement zone



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