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Photo credit: Karen Smith-Will, 2018

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Screenshot 20210525 221654Sam and Sharon Dunaway demonstrate multiple minerals in an 8-ft swath of Morefield mine in this video 📽️.



At times, when you look at documentation, you'll find "back of the envelope" information. Here, Sam sketches the south east rib of the 45' lead SW, on 10/22/2007.

Screenshot 20210519 1226353In this video from 5/13/2017, David Packard of Packard's Rock Shop tells the story of a find-of-the-day at Morefield mine.

The second time I went down in the mine, I had the chance to be down for multiple hours. This gave me an opportunity to see far more, but also, with the second visit, it freed me up to video and photograph more.

On May 13, 2017, I had the exciting chance to tour the mine a second time. This video shows a portion of the wall that has been excavated at some previous point.

Source: Brown, 1962

Note: at that point, what is now referred to as Microcline var. Amazonite, was then called "Amazonstone."

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This video features a section of Morefield mine's 45' level, an area where the previous owner Bill Baltzley removed the half ton of minerals that became the Morefield mine exhibit in the Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals.

As a long time resident of Amelia Courthouse, John shares his experiences of coming to Morefield mine multiple times, in addition to his opportunity of going down into the mine, in this video.📽️

20170513 120423Mark Wylie, one of Morefield mine's miners (and a collector/ photographer), describes various elements in a single area of the mine, in this  📽️ video on YouTube, Myriad of Minerals.; you may want to open this in a separate tab.

Betsy Martin2This video is an inverview of Betsy Martin, taken in her workshop, on February 2, 2016. Please note, this link will take you to YouTube:

The photo, left, is of Betsy with a pile of amazonite, at Morefield mine.

20141115 160455There are multiple reasons the find you brought home may not be on the official species list for Morefield mine.