This was an early sketch by Sam Dunaway, using the previously-created core drilling plan. The coloring and annotations provide a visual of the previous findings.


Annotations read as follows:

- 70% Microcline, buff. 30% quartz

  1. Some core shows crushed texture; frosted, rounded quartz grains. Some definitely graphic, but still fine-grained fine-grained--more so that at surface. Saw core at Charlottesville* on 3/21/(19)97. No amazonite, no smoky quartz, only gray.
  2. Somewhat nondescript simple pegmatite. Fine-grained, no amazonite, gray quartz.

core drill cross sections to 100 ft003


* Presumably, Dunaway saw this at the Virginia Division of Mines and Minerals in Charlottesville.

Source: Retrieved from, 2017. Used with permission.


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