Life Savers: 100+ Years of Sweetness

FB IMG 1700243510699As an elementary school kid, I thought,

"When I'm an adult, I want to have 1 of every flavor of Life Saver there is."

This is the outcome of that ridiculous wish!

Of all the countries that have acquired permission to develop and distribute Life Savers™️, Australia appears to have embraced The Candy with a Hole.

Thinking about an invention usually employs an emphasis on the product itself. However, if you cannot transfer eggs to someone's kitchen without breaking them, there can be a lot of waste. Certain packaging decisions in the progression of Life Savers™️ influenced their quality, taste, and even safety.

10000436142012 was the year Wm. Wrigley Jr. celebrated Life Savers ™️ 💯 th birthday. On the left is a picture of the hundredth anniversary Storybook. And here are several articles about that event, highlighting the history, packaging for the anniversary, and Wrigley's efforts to engage their customers in philanthropy.

Royal Productos Alimenticios, CA produced the following flavors we've identified so far:

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  • It is neither in time order nor alphabetical order at this point.

Man, I love the British Isles! A significant amount of my heritage comes from that area, so I'm very prone to getting excited about things from the UK. But did I pick up Life Savers™️ when I was there?

Didn't know there were this many sizes?



This article is under construction. But in the meantime, I'm storing a few articles about this topic: 



Advertising Car




Delivery Trucks

Five Flavor


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Life Savers™️ is a trademarked name currently owned in the US by Mars Wrigley Confectionery, having been owned and/or licensed by many previous companies, varying by country.

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Every Christmas, someone--often my Grandma--gave me a Life Savers™️ Storybook. And as an elementary school kid, I thought, "When I'm an adult, I want to have 1 of every flavor of Life Saver there is." Although I would occasionally buy Life Savers at the penny candy counter at my local Selden's Department Store, my best stash came each Christmas in the form of the Storybook.

1000042890Back in 1935, Life Savers™️ started a new, truly iconic product: Five Flavor. If one lines up colors in this pattern and puts white words over it, most people in the United States, Canada, or Mexico would realize the resulting design was intended to evoke Life Savers. So why the flavor change?