I have actually tried very hard to see whether Life Savers were sold around Europe (other than the UK). I may have screamed aloud when I finally found this ad from Italy. Thank you, Italy Magazine!

Now, for all of the other countries...

Screenshot 20240709 205805"La caramello col buco" is what the hard candies are called...but unlike some other countries, the name remains "Life Savers," untranslated. "Tutti i numeri sono buoni means that "All numbers are good."

Mōtta, concessionaria por l'europea, was the company that produced them in Italy. Having started in 1925, they're known as one of the larger producers of candies and ice cream.


Their ad includes nine flavors, presuming that Five Flavors includes pineapple. My biggest surprise is that Pep-⭕-Mint is not listed. This is the first country I've seen that did not emphasize the herbal flavors. It's possible Mōtta only processed the "boiled candy" types, not the "pressed dextrose" types.

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Wild Cherry
  • Lime
  • Crystal⭕Mint
  • Stick⭕Pep
  • Butter Rum
  • Rhubarb
  • Five Flavor

Yes, that was Rhubarb. Now that's a flavor that truly makes me happy to see!