1000042896North of the Border is an important place to get Life Savers, too...has been the case, since early in Life Savers history. They've even had flavors not available in the US, like "Raisin."

Things shifted in 2002, when even the Life Savers sold in the US began being manufactured in Canada, as shown in the bottom photo to the left.

In the 1910s, Life Savers were produced in Montreal. https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-1910s-usa-life-savers-magazine-advert-85357846.html

Life Savers were first produced in around 1920 at Prescott, Ontario, Canada; this newer site was about 2 hours Southwest of the Montreal site. Interestingly, Prescott was less than 1 hour (and a passport entry point) away from Gouverneur, New York, Ed Noble's hometown. This plant was damaged by fire. 

Later, they were produced in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1922 during the Beech-Nut years.

1932 began "The Mystery of Musk" as explained on MeandMyBigMouth.com.au,

"An advertisement in the Geraldton Guardian and Express in 1932 encouraged children to come to the Saturday matinee at the local picture theatre with the offer of a ‘free sample of Life [S]avers’ new products. This week’s new sample is 'Musk'."

Hamilton's next plant was on Cumberland Avenue, in 1951.

Burlington became the Canadian home office in 1979

Nova Scotia got its first plant in the 1980s.

These 🖼️ pictures show the 1930s Ford Sedan, manufacturing processes and beautiful yellow 🟡 lemon Life Savers.

Canadian Life Savers Vehicles


Canadian Flavors




2023, no more Canadian Life Savers Storybooks

"We discontinued the Life Saver Fun Books in 2023," confirmed Tarm Nersesian, director of external communications and affairs for Mars Canada.

1931-2004, Hamilton manufacturing plant 

This single plant was open for 82 years, from the Beech-Nut™️ years, until the Life Savers merger in 1931, until its closing in June 2004. Its address was 100 Cumberland Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario. "In 1951 the prosperous Life Savers company opened a $600,000 plant on Cumberland Avenue, replacing its previous factory just west of it. The new plant contained over 45,000 square feet of floor space, almost twice as much as the previous works." (epe.lac-bac)



1987, when Hershey Canada bought the Canadian business


1996, Life Savers Canada purchased by Beta Brands Limited







Life Savers™️ is a trademarked name currently owned in the US by Mars Wrigley Confectionery, having been owned and/or licensed by many previous companies, varying by country.

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