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1000042890Back in 1987 or 1988, I reached out to Nabisco and requested the definitive list of flavors (flavours) of Life Savers™️ that had been made. They set me a typewritten, 1-page list of the flavors that were available at that point. Yet in 1989, when they produced early replicas of Pepsin, Choc⭕Late, and Lic⭕Rice, I first became aware of the discontinued flavors--of which there had been many!

⭕Life Savers Recipe

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What's in Assort⭕Mints?

Background + What's In & Out

I've decided to just include the following formats of Life Savers in the list: pressed mints (like Pep⭕Mint) and boiled candy (like Wild Cherry and Creme Savers). I have not included Life Savers Gummies not Darrell Lea's products like Jellies, Stix, etc. which would not have been found in rolls.

  • The list includes flavors from Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Venezuela, and the United States. Note: If you know of other countries where Life Savers were produced, or places where they were sold with perhaps different language on the wrapper, I would be thrilled to know.
  • They come in the following sizes: a) standard that appear in a roll; b) tiny sizes called Holes, Minis, & Tarts; c) large ones like the Lollipops.
  • My personal records include a significant amount more detail than just names of flavors, yet I decided to start with just the names.
  • Why are there dupes? Because they're candies with different formats--pressed mint, boiled candy, sugar-free, etc.
  • I cannot wait to be told that a flavor is missing!! Identifying 🆕 flavors makes me 😊 smile.

The Definitive List of Life Savers Flavors

1000043266AIDS (antacid), Anise, An⭕Seed An-O-Seed, Apple, Assorted Flavors Fantasy of Flavors (Carmelos Sabores Surtidos Fantasia), Assorted Drops (Australia), Assorted Sours, Atomicos (Venezuela, "Sabores Extra Acidos"), Banana, Banana & crème, Banana cherry swirl, Berry mint, Black Licorice, Black Raspberry, Blackberry, Blackcurrant Pastilles, Blue Rad Sonic the Hedgehog™️ 3 - flavored blue raspberry (1993), Blueberry vanilla, Swirled lollipop, Blueberries & crème, Bubble Gum Flavour / Saveur de Gomme Balloune, Butter Creme Mint, Butter Rum, Butter Scotch (spelling/spacing in Australia), Butter Toffee Sugar free, Buttermint, Butterscotch, Candied Apple, Candy Cane, Caramel au Beurre, Cherry, cherry - sugar free, Cherry & 1000043263Pineapple, Cherry banana, Cherry banana (tangy swirled), Cherry Berry, Cherry Lemonade, Cherry menthol (Venezuela, Cereza Mentolado), Cherry sours, Cherry vanilla, Swirled lollipop, Cherry Sugar Free Sorbet, Choc⭕Late Choco-O-Late, Chocolate & Caramel Crème, Choc⭕Mint Choco-O-Mint, Cinn⭕Mon Cinn-O-Mon, Cl⭕ve Clove, Coconut, Cola, Cotton Candy, Cotton Candy, Cough Drops, Cough Eucalipto Mentol, Cough Eucalyptus, Menthol & Horehound (US), Cream Soda (Venezuela), Crunchy Peanut, Cryst⭕Mint Cryst-O-Mint, Fancy Grapefruit, Fizz⭕Mint Fizz-O-Mint, Fizzy Cola, Fizzy Fruit, Fizzy Soda, Floral, Fruit Pastilles, Fruit Punch, Fruit Tingles (Australian), FruitJuicers Fruit Punch, 1000043264FruitJuicers Grape, FruitJuicers Strawberry, Fruits on Fire, Gingerbread & crème, Grape, Grape Berry, Grape Sours, Grapefruit, Grapest Grape (Robuste Raisin), Green Apple, Green apple, Hot Cin⭕Mon Cin-O-Mon, Hot Rings Sonic the Hedgehog™️ 3 - 1993I, Iced Tea Lemon, Irish Moss Gums, Island fruits – Holes, Lemon, Lemon Fever (fruits on fire), Lemon Sours, Lemon-Lime, Lemon-lime, Lic⭕Rice Lic-O-Rice, Lime, Lime Sours, Malt-O-Milk, Mandarin Orange, Mango Melon, mint - clear (maybe Cryst⭕mint), mint - emerald green colored, mint - lime green colored, mint - red and white swirl colored, Mixberry (Australian), Molas-O-Mint, Musk, Orange, Orange & Crème, Orange banana (tangy swirled, 

1000043265Orange Drops, Orange Fizz, Limited Edition, Orange Mint, Orange Soda, Orange Sours, orange sugar free, Orange Vanilla swirl, Orange vanilla, Swirled - Life Savers Canada in Burlington, Ontario, Orange vanilla, Swirled lollipop, Papaya, Passionfruit, Peach (all other flavors are replicated in other rolls), Peach apricot (peche abricot), Peach-Apricot, Peaches & crème, Pear, Pen-E-Mint (Australia), Pep⭕Mint Pep-O-Mint, sugar free, Pep⭕Mint Pep-O-Mint, Peppermint, Pepsin, Pina Colada, Pine Lime*, Pineapple, Pineapple sours, Pineapple sugar free, Pineapple Thunder (fruits on fire), Pink Lemonade, Pumpkin pie & crème, 1000043267Raspberries & crème, Raspberry, Raspberry, Raspberry pineapple (tangy swirls), Raspberry Sorbets Sugar Free, Raspberry Sours, raspberry sugar free, Red Hot Punch (fruits on fire), Red Raspberry, Root Beer, Rhubarb (Italy), Root beer, Sour & Sweet Cherry, Sour & Sweet Green Apple, Sour & Sweet Strawberry, Sour & Sweet Watermelon, Sour Fruit Pastilles, Sour Lime Hulk™️, Sours Five Flavors Frenzy (Canada), Spearmint, Spear⭕Mint Spear-O-Mint, Stik-O-Pep, Strawberries & Crème, Strawberries & Creme sugar-free, Strawberry, Strawberry & banana, Strawberry & Kiwi, Strawberry Apple mint, Strawberry sugar-free sorbet, Strawberry Sundae, Strawberry tangerine, Strawberry vanilla PXL 20231118 0246485882 1swirl, Strawberry vanilla, Super Holes Sour & Sweet, Swirled – Life Savers Canada, Strawberry vanilla, Swirled lollipop, Strawberry watermelon, Super Mint, Sweet Mint, Tangerine, Tangy Fruit Swirls, Tangy Green Apple, Tangy Peach, Tangy Strawberry, Tangy Tangerine, Tangy Fruits Sonic the Hedgehog™️ 3 - 1993, Tangy Watermelon, Thermo Orange (Fruits on Fire 🔥), Tangy Tingles (Australia), Thirst, Thirst Disk (Australia 21 October 1953), Tropical Punch, Vanilla Mint, Vi⭕let Vi-O-Let, Watermelon, Watermelon, Watermelon, Watermelon & Cherry, watermelon sugar free, Wild Cherry, Wild Sour Berries, Wild Sour Berries Sonic 3 1993, Wint⭕Green Wint-O-Green, Wint⭕Green Wint-O-Green sugar-free, Wintergreen



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Life Savers™️ is a trademarked name currently owned in the US by Mars Wrigley Confectionery, having been owned and/or licensed by many previous companies, varying by country.

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* This is based on only 1 source. It is possible this was a graphic design mockup (albeit, one done fairly well). It's hard to tell whether this was intended to be a pineapple-lime product or a pine (the tree)-lime flavor. Similarly, it is unclear whether this was a "pressed dextrose" product or a "boiled sweet." It included "NEL" on the label; I have not been able to locate a company or a country code that corresponds to that 3-digit acronym.

**It's possible that these articles are referring to how many flavors are available domestically; however, neither article specified that.