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Photo credit: Karen Smith-Will, 2018



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While one is down in Morefield mine, it can seem more or less like a maze. A map like this gives one an idea of how everything is placed. Also, you can see that there is a production area that is not shown during tours.

This is a "(p)lat of survey, showing a portion of the property belonging to Deck R. Boyle's, located in Giles Magisterial District, Amelia County, VA." 

Screenshot 20210525 221654Sam and Sharon Dunaway demonstrate multiple minerals in an 8-ft swath of Morefield mine in this video 📽️.



This map shows a subset of the Morefield property, not including all of the land that is leased to Martin-Marietta. That lease was undertaken by Bill Baltzley, it has been in progress since before Sam and Sharon Dunaway purchased the property, through today and beyond.

At times, when you look at documentation, you'll find "back of the envelope" information. Here, Sam sketches the south east rib of the 45' lead SW, on 10/22/2007.

🗺️ While reading various stories about Morefield mine and its owners, you may find it helpful to understand where things are in proximity to the mine.

The second time I went down in the mine, I had the chance to be down for multiple hours. This gave me an opportunity to see far more, but also, with the second visit, it freed me up to video and photograph more.

Seeing an aerial map allows you the chance to see the divided road into the mine, all of its buildings, and even the pond.

Source: Brown, 1962

Note: at that point, what is now referred to as Microcline var. Amazonite, was then called "Amazonstone."

Diamond core drill cross sections locations are documented, on the 100 ft level of Morefield mine.

As a long time resident of Amelia Courthouse, John shares his experiences of coming to Morefield mine multiple times, in addition to his opportunity of going down into the mine, in this video.📽️