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Photo credit: Karen Smith-Will, 2018



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Before you read this, if you note that a specimen that you have seen is not reflected in the list, refer to Why is my Morefield find not on the species list?

Kearns, Martin & Wise 2017 Species List

Screenshot 20210409 105544How was the Morefield pegmatite discovered?

Prior to the 19th century, there is no incontrovertible evidence of the Morefield pegmatite being discovered. However, Fontaine (1883) indicates his belief that the Native Americans mined the nearby Rutherford pegmatite, providing the following personally-observed evidence (p. 331):

Warren “Bill” Diehl Baltzley was born on January 29, 1922. Schabilion (2009) writes that Baltzley loved gem mining his whole life. After growing up in Fairfield, Pennsylvania, at some point he made it south to Amelia County.

Sneak peek:

One of our many interviews took place at the Smithsonian on July 18, 2018, with Mike Wise, Ph.D. I was very excited to hear what he would have to say about pegmatites.

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Per Martin (personal correspondence, 2016), Silas Vester Morefield was born on November 6, 1893 in Westfield, Surry County, North Carolina.

Screenshot 20210409 105712It is not ours to know in advance whether we are born great, achieve greatness or have it thrust upon us. It is not ours to know in retrospect whether we died great, achieved greatness or embraced it when it was thrust upon us—because we as humans are intensely fickle in our choice of heroes and of our definitions of “great.”

George Morefield purchased a 198-acre tract of land in Amelia County, Virginia (Jones 1940). At some point before 1929, this land became the property of his son, Silas Morefield.

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During the past half dozen years, we have visited as many museums as we can, locating Morefield mine specimens. While in the future we will have an article for each, at the moment there are links to each of the organizations we have observed to have specimens.

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