Mount Vernon, in Mount Vernon, Virginia, US, was the home of George and Martha Washington. Atop its cupola is a unique 1778 weathervane, designed by Washington himself. Copies of this iconic decoration are sold by Mount Vernon's gift shop (albeit brass, rather than the original's gold leaf).

Screenshot 20230909 0027092I'd like to write more about this in the future, but in the meantime, here are a couple of places that love their weathervanes and cupolas. If you know of any other towns that feature a lot of them, please contact me so that I can add them to my research. 📧 (The hummingbird weathervane to the left is mine, and the cupola was made by an Amish company in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.)

20230204 155856 COLLAGEInterior design has a sticky problem. The more successful one is at creating a long-term, livable nest, the less likely that the customer is going to need ongoing purchases, unless they build a new house or addition.

And that's a problem, because interior design is inherently a retail business. For some, design provides a practical way to build comfort in life. For others, it provides a faux psychological sense of completion, acceptance and feng shui.

Finding recipes online is untenable. You have to scroll 6-8 times just to see what ingredients are required. There's far more emphasis on ads than yummy cooking.

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Family heirlooms are very appealing for use in interior design. What's amazing about them is their built-in level of comfort. Instead of emphasizing just where they were purchased, they have a layered meaning related to who owned them and how they were used.