In ~1914, a South American order for 450,000 packages was exported (Modern, p. 95). I sure wish I knew which country received those packages! Maybe someday...

Royal Productos Alimenticios, CA produced the following flavors we've identified so far:

Retro Venezuela posted these Sabores Surtidos Five Flavor:

Cuando Era Chamo has shared 2 more flavors, Fantasia de Sabores (Fantasy of Flavors, under license to Nabisco, Inc. USA)

and Frutas Tropicales (Tropical Fruits, under license to Beech Nut Life Savers).

"At that time, the fashion arose of using the Lifeguard packaging in all its versions to cover the Caribe and Alps notebooks of the time. Here he leaves you the photo of the packaging of both the Tropical Fruit Lifeguard and the Flavor Fantasy Lifeguard. For the price of 1.50 and 2 bolivars, these candies must be from the early eighties.

A million thanks to Alfredo Villegas for sending us this information and these images." [This was translated by Google Translate.]

And while we're at it, Venezuelan stunning Life Savers art is award-winning. "Mouth" features a cherry-flavored Life Saver. "Eye" stunningly substitutes a clear lime-flavored Life Saver to render a peridot-colored eye, to great effect (Account Supervisor, Monica Di Rienzo; Photographer, Miguel Angel Alonso; Illustrator, Jose Estrada).

More sources

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