It took a little while for me to find history about Life Savers in South Africa. How did I ultimately find the information? I switched from looking for "Life Savers", to looking for "Lifesavers". 


Royal Beech-Nut Ltd. was a wholly owned subsidiary of Nabisco Holdings Corporation. During apartheid, NHC sold it to Delfood (UPI).

October 5, 1995 

Nabisco Holdings Corp. returned to the South Africa market by purchasing a 50% interest in Royal Beech-Nut Ltd. from Delfood (UPI).


Apparently a South African Life Savers company attempted to re-market Life Savers in the UK market in 1996:

A South African TV advertisement for Five Flavour Life Savers


The next, brilliant, move was to get South African group "Ladysmith Black Mambazo" to be the voice of the Life Saver theme song. I have listened to their isicathamiya and mbube vocal stylings on Paul Simon's Graceland during virtually every road trip we've ever had. If you have ever heard them singing, you can probably imagine the, "Life...Savers...yummmmm".

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Life Savers™️ is a trademarked name currently owned in the US by Mars Wrigley Confectionery, having been owned and/or licensed by many previous companies, varying by country.
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