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ur-shield-smallSee this release from University of Richmond's Newsroom.

labo06Last week I was interviewed by Richmond Times Dispatch’s John Reid Blackwell for Monday’s front-page Labor Day special, “Area Residents Talk about Job-Market Experiences.” The website includes audio clips – who knew newspapers did that?

Are you a business person who might be laid off or an entrepreneur who may need to shut down their operations at some point? (Note: this includes everyone in business. Yes, you!) If so, in addition to reading this article, you should focus on these things.

wakeupTwo of my quotes related to humility were included in a recent e-book developed by Achieved Strategies, titled Wake Up and Shake It Up. It's complimentary and available at their website; click the graphic on the right hand side; registration is required. Also, check out Derrick Strand's article, Tapping Into Precious Natural Resources.

Humbleness is an attractive trait in a leader, though it is often unrewarded or even rewarded punitively.

q_logo_trQualtrics™ Research Suite is my survey analytics tool of choice. Check out the 8/30/2010 Qualtrics Qmunity Blog, which features some important findings from my recent Gen-Y research. While I have developed surveys with or researched a half dozen survey providers (mostly names you would recognize readily), Qualtrics is by far my favorite, and their blog article explains why.

Qualtrics is a leader in market research and enterprise feedback management. Perhaps you would recognize a few clients for which they provide services--Fortune 500 and major organizations like the American Red Cross, University of Cambridge, UCLA, Forbes, Travelocity, Nortel and Smithsonian Institution, to name a few. Lubbock Christian University is also one of their customers, and I feel blessed that I've been able to use the software as part of my graduate school research there.

See also additional Gen-Y research regarding perspective on leadership the use of retreats, presented at the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference at the University of New Mexico.

See also Gen-Y research featured in the recent blog Leaders: Are You Ripe Yet?