ur-shield-smallSee this release from University of Richmond's Newsroom.

wakeupTwo of my quotes related to humility were included in a recent e-book developed by Achieved Strategies, titled Wake Up and Shake It Up. It's complimentary and available at their website; click the graphic on the right hand side; registration is required. Also, check out Derrick Strand's article, Tapping Into Precious Natural Resources.

Humbleness is an attractive trait in a leader, though it is often unrewarded or even rewarded punitively.

q_logo_trQualtrics™ Research Suite is my survey analytics tool of choice. Check out the 8/30/2010 Qualtrics Qmunity Blog, which features some important findings from my recent Gen-Y research. While I have developed surveys with or researched a half dozen survey providers (mostly names you would recognize readily), Qualtrics is by far my favorite, and their blog article explains why.

Qualtrics is a leader in market research and enterprise feedback management. Perhaps you would recognize a few clients for which they provide services--Fortune 500 and major organizations like the American Red Cross, University of Cambridge, UCLA, Forbes, Travelocity, Nortel and Smithsonian Institution, to name a few. Lubbock Christian University is also one of their customers, and I feel blessed that I've been able to use the software as part of my graduate school research there.

See also additional Gen-Y research regarding perspective on leadership the use of retreats, presented at the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference at the University of New Mexico.

See also Gen-Y research featured in the recent blog Leaders: Are You Ripe Yet?

labo06Last week I was interviewed by Richmond Times Dispatch’s John Reid Blackwell for Monday’s front-page Labor Day special, “Area Residents Talk about Job-Market Experiences.” The website includes audio clips – who knew newspapers did that?

Are you a business person who might be laid off or an entrepreneur who may need to shut down their operations at some point? (Note: this includes everyone in business. Yes, you!) If so, in addition to reading this article, you should focus on these things.


2 red tomatoes with green one in betweenAs we end the month of August, I'm talking tomatoes.

Hanover County, Virginia, home of the Hanover Tomatoes, is where I have lived for years. It’s also the county where Valutivity LLC is chartered.

You probably see where I’m going with this. Leaders are a little like tomatoes: we’re not all “ripe” at one given time. But we are constantly striving to get closer to that ready stage at each point in our  lives.