vscpaFor more details, please take a look at this press release. Thank you to Richmond VSCPA's Vice President Robin Ransom for the invitation to work with an outstanding group of accounting professionals and nonprofits.

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Richmond VSCPA 2011 Nonprofit Conference

Richmond Chapter of VSCPA

revive_screen_capAchieved Strategies invited Karen back for another blog, this time in their Journey in 2011, Revive and Thrive series. "All I Really Need to Revive" shows how to revive your game plan using tips from the gaming industry. While you're at it, don't miss all the other articles from all of the savvy leadership writers in this series:


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If you have been directed to this message, you probably have attempted to access the SLq© v1.0, a Servant Leadership assessment. The SLq© v1.0 has a limited availability window. It is closed at times to complete the final reporting for the client most recently using the tool. If you are still interested in taking the survey or would like to administer this survey to an organization you lead, please send us a message using the Contact Us page.

triangulationLack of trust is one of the most insidious and difficult to resolve challenges in change management.

Despite the fact that individuals can, and will, verbalize their trust gap, they often triangulate, or share that perception with a third party, versus sharing their concerns with the second party, the target of their mistrust.

Consequently, many executives are oblivious to the brick walls they have inadvertently erected through poor communication, failure to engage individuals in the challenges being considered that drive the need for change or outright failure to deliver on promises. Open and rich communication channels build trust.

thumb down thumb upThey say “Everyone’s a critic.”

I don’t buy that. I think everyone's a naysayer. Good critics are few and far between.

But unfortunately, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary could not care less about my opinion.