1000052311Because we have no specific documentation detailing everywhere Life Savers is or has been produced, it's still a surprise every time we find a new location. Puerto Rico is part of the United States; its Life Savers presence started prior by or before 1971. Imagine if Tropical Life Savers' pina colada, mango melon, banana & fruit punch were actually made in the Caribbean?!

From 1971 to 2014, Life Savers had a presence in Puerto Rico (PR). If you have ever worked for Life Savers in PR, please reach out to us.

We are very interested to know what was/is manufactured there, as well as whether there is still a manufacturing presence on the island.

Various names have been identified, including:

  • Beech Nut Life Savers Corp. (per court case 104DPR570)
  • Life Savers Manufacturing Inc. (per Manta)
  • Life Savers Caribe, Inc. (per OpenCorporates)

Several locations have been identified, including the following, which are identified on the map:

  • Canas Ward, Ponce, Puerto Rico - This property was described as, "an industrial building with steel columns, walls of blocks and with a roof of steel beams and aluminum sheets, constructed on a floor base with a total area of 41,289.64 square meters" (Justia)
  • Las Piedras, Puerto Rico (Mantu) - Company Name: LIFE SAVERS MFG, CARR 30 KM 21.2; LAS PIEDRAS; 00771; International Area Code: 1809, Phone: 787-733-8621 (+1809-787-733-8621); Industry: CANDY and CONFECTIONERY-MANUFACTURERS; https://pri.bizdirlib.com/node/46889
  • Las Piedras, Puerto Rico - CARR 20 KM 21.1; LAS PIEDRAS; 00771, International Area Code: 1809, Phone: 787-733-0915 (+1809-787-733-0915), Industry: CANDY and CONFECTIONERY-MANUFACTURERS
  • Caguas, Puerto Rico - Address: CARR 183 KM 21.4; CAGUAS; 00725; International Area Code: 1809; Phone: 787-733-1427 (+1809-787-733-1427); Industry: CANDY and CONFECTIONERY-MANUFACTURERS, https://pri.bizdirlib.com/node/46887

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This presence has continued through the Beech-Nut, Squibb, Nabisco, Kraft, Wrigley and Mars eras of ownership.


"By contract dated September 15, 1971, the above mentioned lessee subleased to the defendant, Beech-Nut Life Savers Corp., a part consisting of 4,880 square feet of the building for a term of five years from said date, and for a monthly rental of $650.00, to be paid in advance each month." (OpenCorporates)

Company Number: 5252-112; Native Company Number: 5252

1976, May 7

A court case, Blasini v. Beech Nut Life Savers (who were subleasing property), 104DPR570 covered details related to the nature of the sublease when the owners of the property, who were in bankruptcy.


Life Savers Carribe, Inc. received a certification of authorization to do business of a foreign corporation


Alamo Rodriguez v. MCS Life Insurance, 283 F. Supp. 2d 459 (D.P.R. 2003) indicated its Plaintiffs have been employees of co-defendant Life Savers, Inc., and some of the Plaintiffs were employees of R.J. Reynolds, Squibb, Nabisco, etc.

2014, April 16

Life Savers Carribe, Inc. was issued a certificate of revocation.






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