Family heirlooms are very appealing for use in interior design. What's amazing about them is their built-in level of comfort. Instead of emphasizing just where they were purchased, they have a layered meaning related to who owned them and how they were used.

20230203 152437 COLLAGETop left: Mother-in-law Joanne's heirloom clock, from Pennsylvania in the 19th century.

Top right: My paternal great-grandparents' butter pat and my Grandma Blanche's letter moistener.

Middle: My paternal Grandfather William's Elgin pocketwatch--an important tool for a man who drove street cars in Richmond, VA.

Bottom right: My Grandma Blanche's stamp holder. Remember back when you could afford a roll of 100 stamps?

Bottom left: One of these things doesn't belong! This chameleon tape measure with its Art Nouveau appeal just makes me happy. The function of its lengthy tongue is particularly cheeky. Hopefully one of my kids or grandchildren will want to use it.


Photos: ©️2023 Karen Smith-Will