Hanover County Public Schools Advance College Academy Handbook, 2018-2019                                                                         Return to Portfolio
Artist, Ashton Will
Digital Art
Artist's Statement:
Our Advance College Academy (ACA) career counselor sent out a request for designs for the handbook they were creating for the Lee-Davis branch of the program. I sent in my design, and the Board liked it enough that they asked me to adjust it to be the design for the whole Hanover County branch, which was surprising and humbling to me. Even if no one else had submitted designs, they wanted to use something I created instead of hiring a professional. I knew I wanted to create my own 3D letters for “ACA”, and I used two other pre-installed fonts from my computer: the Broadway font for “HCPS” and “HANDBOOK”, and Franchise Bold for “2018-2019”. I originally had a sword in the design to represent the Lee-Davis flag, which includes a sabre, but it was vetoed for the overall design because it implied violence. I liked the original design more.

© 2018 to current year, Ashton Will. All rights reserved.

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