On Friday, September 9, 2011, my 12-year-old son and I attended President Barack Obama’s speech at my alma mater, University of Richmond in Virginia. He discussed his Jobs Plan, as a follow-up to his similar pitch to both houses of Congress the previous night. President Obama demonstrated a change management technique I call acquiring “emotional change agents,” individuals who will respond to an emotional appeal and voluntarily become ambassadors for change.


brussels_sproutSometimes change tastes just as bad for the change leader. This is a true personal flashback from May 2010.

Change management has meddled in my family life. That brings us to our current change crisis, one we change managers call “Desire.” After one is aware of a need to shift behavior, he or she needs to Desire the new end result, providing them the necessary impetus to change.



Consider this a cautionary tale for savvy leaders and human resources executives considering incentives.

Once, I received a significant gift from the Fortune 200 company where I worked, to celebrate a key milestone in my performance. So far, so great! Cool

They sent me a celebratory letter, in a leatherette box, with a link to a website, where I was supposed to enter a code to receive a sizeable gift certificate. So far, so good… Laughing

But the website didn’t exist. So far, so…what??! Undecided



“A Guide to Process Management: Small Biz Edition,” was the topic of Karen Smith-Will’s presentation to the Richmond, Virginia, chapter of SCORE on September 15, 2011. For more details, please see this press release. Thank you to SCORE Counselor Fred Esposito for the invitation to work with an outstanding group of retired executives helping small business owners. If you are starting a small business, consider contacting SCORE today for complimentary business coaching (see link below).


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micmValutivity LLC recently received this testimonial from client Tina Langley. As a Forwarding Agent and a Board Member for Mid India Christian Mission (MICM), Tina provides leadership through bookkeeping and communications delivery, entirely on a volunteer basis. MICM supports educational and health needs of children in in Damoh, India. Through the use of business process management and Lean principles, MICM has shaved off more than 85% of the time required to complete this role--from a hefty 120 hours of volunteer time required per month, to a slim 16 hours per month. According to, the median salary for a bookkeeper in Richmond, Virginia, is $55,500, or $26.68 per hour. At those rates, MICM has experienced a labor savings valued at over $33,000 annually. Talk about a significant benefit to a nonprofit seeking to invest all of its precious resources on needy children!


vscpaFor more details, please take a look at this press release. Thank you to Richmond VSCPA's Vice President Robin Ransom for the invitation to work with an outstanding group of accounting professionals and nonprofits.

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