This contest exclusively for registered The Consulting Arts students is inspired by one of my friends who has always said that instead of calling it “practice,” you should just call it “playing music.”

How many days of the month do you really play or sing? Now that you’ve started back to the routine of Fall, you should have a good idea of where music fits in your new schedule. The TCA student that plays the most days in October 2017 will be the winner. If there is a tie—we hope there will be tons of students that play every day in October!—there will be a drawing on Wednesday, November 1.

Prize: 2 Exhibits Tickets to the Science Museum of Virginia (expiration November 30, 2018)



Why tickets to the Science Museum, for a music contest? Because we are advocates of STEaM – science, technology, engineering, artistry and mathematics. All of these blend together to make you a well-rounded student—young or old. The first thing we teach every drums, piano and voice student is about the science of their instrument—remember your 1st lesson(s) about the inside of the piano or about how your voice works? And the Science Museum has cool exhibits like Boost, that feature music in an interesting way. Oh—and did you know that Karen worked for the Science Museum back in 1988?




If you’re under 18, your parent will need to initial your Play Log each week (either in your book, notebook or separate Play Log). You may receive up to 1 play entry per day.

Singing or playing in school doesn’t count for this—that already counts toward your school grades. This is for singing and playing you do on your own.

How long do you need to play or sing each day? Take a look at your lesson book—you set that goal in your September lessons; it’s individualized by student.

PLUS - If you or your parent posts about your practice on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tagging @The Consulting Arts + #TCAPlayDays, you’ll get an extra promote entry for that day (limit 1 per day). It’s a great way to celebrate 2 important parts of your personality, your musicianship and tenacity, while showing your pride for The Consulting Arts.

We reserve the right to modify the rules, if needed, for any reason.