FB IMG 1693702098312I've created several stained glass windows since the 80s, but I've always wanted to create an original subject for a window: My choice was Regalecus glese, or the oarfish.

(It's also called giant oarfish, king of herrings, king of the herring, oar-fish, Pacific oarfish, ribbon-fish, ribbonfish, and streamer fish.) I wasn't that surprised to find that a pattern wasn't available. I was, however, excited that there didn't even seem to be a single stained glass oarfish that had ever been created...or at least, that I've been posted online.

I'm amused to say that I first learned about oarfish in Nintendo's Animal Crossing™️--don't even get me started on how much there is to learn in gaming! While I most likely will never see an oarfish in person (they are denizens of the deep ocean water), they are still a bit of an obsession of mine.

This is an octagonal window for the 3rd story of my Victorian house--or, according to a friendly neighbor kid, our house straight out of Studio Ghibli™️. I'm blessed to have studio space access at Visual Arts Center of Richmond--now, if I could just get enough time to finish it!

20230902 205355 COLLAGE

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