PXL 20231225 173516283PORTRAIT2Guest post, by Barry Scott Will

As Technology Director for our church, Christmas Eve was quite busy. I logged over 8 hours of work that day, and a lot of it was quite stressful. It was not a good day for technology. All this comes on the heels of months spent on "Scrooge," and there are still some cleanup things to do with that production.

So, as I was leaving church this evening, I didn't feel very "Christmassy." But as I drove out of the parking lot, a verse popped into my head. Luke 2:49, "Don't you know I must be about my Father's [God's] business?"

That's really all I've been doing. Going about my Father's business. Sometimes His business is booming. Other times there's less to do. But it's always just the next thing He needs done.

PXL 20231223 042013081And that's really what Christmas is about. Reflecting back to when His business opened its doors in a little town in the middle of nowhere. My Christmas tree may not be up. [We substituted 2 tiny Charlie Brown ™️ cypress trees 🎄 this year, as shown in the photo ➡️.] I may not have lights all over the yard. But I've been working on Christmas, all the same.

And that makes me feel pretty "Christmassy." Merry Christmas, everyone.

First published on Facebook, on December 24, 2023.