PXL 20220901 223606352"Nothing is impossible" is an example of a faux truism. Here are a few tongue-in-cheek things we brainstormed, that are impossible:

  1. To dribble a football 
  2. For a man to understand a woman
  3. For a woman to understand a man
  4. To tickle yourself
  5. To overestimate what God could do

There's another argument that says, "all things are possible, but many things are improbable." But that's actually not the point I'm making here. Rather, I'm suggesting that chasing after the seemingly impossible exists on a continuum: 

From Being a Visionary_____ to _____Tilting after windmills*.

The first question you might have is, "What, for the sake of what?" And a second would be, "How much ego is built into this goal?"

If you're not exactly sure where you exist on that continuum at all times (through transparent, difficult conversations with your advisors, peers and direct reports), you may be risking your company's future--and perhaps even your employees' health--to your Quixotic goals. Leaders with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are self-aware enough to limit personal, egotistical crusades. 

If the above list is not enough examples, here are a few more impossible things:


* From Don Quixote 

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