The Long-Lost Troll                                                                                                                                                     Return to Portfolio
Artist, Ashton Will
igital Art
Artist's Statement:
I was commissioned and paid to do the artwork for this book by the author, Barry Scott Will, who is also my father. While I had only done the cover for his previous book as a middle schooler, I also did artwork for the inside of the book for this. We had to go back and forth on the designs of some characters, specifically his idea of a dragon. For the clothes on the two people featured in the inside artwork, I examined both medieval clothes for the fantasy aspect of the book and modern clothes for the science fiction aspect of the book. The most aesthetically pleasing part to me is still the front cover, which is supposed to be the clan symbol of the trolls. As far as a paying job goes, it was interesting and fun to work on.

© 2018 to current year, Ashton Will. All rights reserved.

Note: This is the sequel to A Fine Basket of Fish; Ashton illustrated its front cover, as well.

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