“The real difference that we see in expert performers is that they behave fluently – both accurately and quickly, without hesitation.” Carl Binder

Carl Binder was one of my instructors when I was learning instructional design. At the time, my target was teaching thousands of people around the world to use e-learning to master software, learn marketing or practice customer service principles. Now, I am teaching music. But the principles of mastery are identical for any of those fields.

Students at The Consulting Arts, your goal is to both master your instrument and to become fluent in it--whether it is your voice, your piano or your rhythm instrument. Whatever you can play accurately and quickly, without hesitation, you own. Whatever you can sing stylistically and pitch-perfect at the drop of the hat, you own. If you ever find yourself suddenly able to perform for someone special, those things you own will come to your mind effortlessly.

We live in a world where 95% accuracy is considered pretty good—in fact, in most schools, it would earn an “A.” In music, however, your goal is so much more than 100% accuracy. Your goal is to perform accurately, passionately and showing your style.

These are some tools to help you master your basics for piano, voice and other instruments. I’ll continue to add to this list as time goes by—I’m looking for students who are ready to embrace fluency, which will give them confidence to demonstrate their passion and unique voice for their instrument. I'll help you with setting goals, too, to show how your speed is improving as time goes by--leading to fluency.


Note recognition – Piano and voice students can print these free flash cards on cardstock or purchase your own (set A, including notes and symbols) and set B, including scales, chords, progressions, terms and rhythms)

Interval recognition

Music theory – for voice students who have not learned theory elsewhere or would like to brush up on their skills, this is a useful course


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