Xander 2014Xander Will has been a percussion instructor for The Consulting Arts since 2015. He has music plugged into every fiber of his being. He started learning piano at 5 and drums at 8; he also plays electric bass and guitar.

He performs for Sick Semper, a Virginia indie band. He recorded and distributed an album of indie pop as Geese Howard, and has formerly performed and composed for numerous indie bands in the area, including Extraordinary Commission, Staring at the Ceiling, and Phosgene. When not creatively engaged with those groups, he is a drummer for Fairmount Christian Church’s Praise Team and for Willdebeest. He has performed at Virginia Commonwealth University for Student Jazz Day, studied under jazz specialist Sherman Irby at the Lincoln Center in New York City, and interned in sound engineering at the Sound of Music Studio in Scott’s Addition.

Xander is majoring in Electrical Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), having received the Provost Scholarship. He has interned at George Mason via the Virginia Microelectronics Consortium (VMEC). He was also the recipeint of the Hanover County Council and Mechanicsville Elementary School PTA Scholarships in 2017. He also works part time doing IT-related work for a medical services company and has a new role as a DJ on WVCW (VCU's student radio station).

He graduated from the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School (MLWGS) in Richmond, Virginia. His volunteerism has included being an assistant at the Math-Science Innovation Center, helping clients at MCEF’s Food Pantry, mentoring FIRST Robotics teams and serving as the lead Sound Tech for MLWGS events. In his rare moments of free time, Xander enjoys watching late-night TV and spending time with friends.