Have you heard something like this: "That girl is amazing! She can play anything she hears without music." Translated, what this really means is "she can 'hear' the intervals accurately and knows her instrument well enough to replicate those intervals." YOU can practice this skill, too!

Whom this would benefit: Any music student, especially voice students and instrumentalists learning music by ear.

A musical interval describes the difference between two pitches. Singing's for the Birds is our program that teaches beginner principles about singing intervals, along with bird songs that use those intervals. Another resource to test your ability to hear intervals would be listening games. 

Tip: If you maintain a music notebook or flashcards, record your progress every time you play. As time goes by, you'll see an improvement in your ability to hear intervals.

Our favorite listening games and tools are listed in order, from simplest to most complex.

Important notes: