IMG 20221028 WA0000Kansai Gaidai University's fall break gave me time to see my cousins in Okinawa. Since Okinawa is a separate island then the larger island where I am living (Honshu), I needed to take my first flight since arriving in Osaka.

Relying on public transportation to get to the airport was stressful; it took between 1-1.5 hours from the campus, all told. But every extra minute can build up a lot on the trains because of how the scheduling works. I had to change trains twice, but one of the trains has longer gaps between trains. I got past security and to my gate with plenty of time, way faster than the other airports I've been to. Got some airport Takoyaki because boarding didn't start for another 18 minutes after I arrived.

I was the first US guest that Megan, John & Miriam have had, since they have been in Okinawa. We enjoyed the zoo, the beach, Okinawa Pokémon Center (where we were in the upper photo), and many other locations.

IMG 20221027 WA0002

IMG 20221027 WA0001I saw these Hawaiian shirts while we were shopping the first day. I wear Hawaiian shirts virtually all of the time. Even with the dollar doing so well against the yen, these were a bit pricey. I also found a great pair of yellow Pokémon™️ Crocs™️, but they are only available of the size 13.



All of these photos took place at Makishi Public Market (naha). We were able to choose the food he wanted to eat, and then we ate the fresh, fresh food.

IMG 20221027 WA0000 IMG 20221029 WA0000


IMG 20221029 WA0001 IMG 20221029 WA0002


IMG 20221029 WA0003 IMG 20221029 WA0006


IMG 20221029 WA0007 IMG 20221029 WA0008


IMG 20221029 WA0009 IMG 20221029 WA0010

Those prawns are so huge. And the spiny lobsters are actually a very large type of crawfish.

It is incredible that I had a chance to spend this time with them. They were excellent, laid back hosts.


Visited October 26-30, 2022.

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