Colors, Chapter 1
Artist, Ashton Will
Digital Art
Artist's Statement:
Colors has been my pet project since the summer of 2017, when the idea for the story began developing in my mind. I began designing the characters around that time and got some feedback from VCU concerning the designs when getting my portfolio reviewed for the first time. After working since then, I improved the design, wrote out the script, and prepared the first chapter of my graphic novel. First, I made skeletons of all the characters for a page on tracing paper, and then I went in and detailed the skeletons. Once the drawing was done, I traced the designs onto sketchbook paper with a light box using India Ink artist's pens, making lines with fine point pens and shading with gray pens. Finally, I scanned each page in, cleaned it up in Illustrator, and added dialogue.

© 2017 to current year, Ashton Will. All rights reserved.

Cover Volume 1 6x9